Perhaps I could title my werewolf story “Wolf Skin”

I was considering “The Beast Within” for awhile, but I think it’s suggestive of themes I don’t actually want to support in my novel. I also considered “The Wolf in Sheep’s Skin,” but that also suggests a theme that isn’t really present in my writing. But I did want to play off of that idiom, so I thought “Wolf Skin” might do the trick. I’m not sure the connection is obvious enough, though. A VERY present theme in the novel is embracing the nature of the beast, challenging the notion of an uncontrollable “other” side of oneself, loving oneself, that sort of thing, so it seemed appropriate to embrace the idea of the wolf in wolf’s skin (and in the novel, I explore what a wolf’s “skin” looks like). Maybe “Wolf in Wolf’s Skin” or just “In Wolf’s Skin” or some other similar variant.

One of the protags is writing a political novel I wanted to bear the same name as my novel, so I could perhaps have his be titled “Wolf in Wolf’s Skin” and simply title mine “Wolf Skin”—if I do it this way, I think the connections to his work and the sheep skin idiom become obvious. Hopefully.

I just wanna draw a bunch of autumn-y things tbh

I wrote a story about werewolves once and shared it with the literal worst writing class I’ve ever taken, and everyone was really ~~torn~~ on whether or not I wrote good dialogue, like some people praised it for its realness, and others were like, “people don’t say ‘shit’ this much.” I promise you, Mormon Becky, they really do. But what I really can’t forget is this one guy saying, “What’s the deal with the actual racism in the story? Isn’t the werewolf stuff supposed to be an allegory for racism? Take out the real racism.” Yes, I’m sure a Mexican werewolf girl would never be the subject of actual racism, just mythical werewolf racism. And her counterpart in the book, Keoni Kalani? No, his name is not “too Hawaiian.”

NaNoWriMo ML Application

I’m applying to be an ML for the Seattle region, but there’s already 3 MLs here. I mean, Seattle is like the third biggest region in the nation, so 4 MLs isn’t outrageous, but… idk maybe NaNo staff would just be like “haha no.”

Wish me luck!

It’s raining at work today, and it’s making it really hard to pay attention to my project. I’d much rather be at home writing wrapped in a blanket.

Camp Nano Day 7

I just moved into a new apartment, so writing was really hard to do. I’m not even settled into my new apartment yet and my car just broke down, so I don’t see myself reaching my 18,000. Too much other stuff to work out. I think I will aim for half of that since I won’t be able to start writing until this weekend. So, 9,000. Maybe I can do it.

Yesterday was the first day of Camp Nano, but I moved into my new apartment, so I wasn’t able to actually write anything. Tonight I have a lot of unpacking to do, too, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to write at all. 

I think I’ll shoot for a writing-heavy weekend. 


Camp NaNoWriMo starts in less than a week.  Here we go, kiddies!

I’m so excited.